Conceptio in Itinere

Imperial Rome

A leap into the Roman Age
3hrs approx Available: everyday am/pm

On request it is available either as a walking or a coach tour.

Welcome to one of the most incredible avenues of the world: Via dei Fori Imperiali.

It begins from the slopes of Capitol Hill, behind Venice Square. We start with the visit of one of the most impressive, unknown corners of Rome, the Trajan Market. It is the first huge, historical commercial area, and was a real shopping centre for the Romans !
Miraculously surviving to our modern age, it preserves the signs of the ancient men and women who inhabited it, using its rooms in many different ways, almost 2.000 years ago. It has been built on six floors covered with vaults. Partially hidden inside the Esquilino Hill, behind the Trajan Forum, today its ambient impact is not so evident due to the collapsing of most of the walls around, but you should know that it was 40 metres tall during the Empire, with corridors and pedestrian passages connecting into other buildings.

Leaving the markets and the Trajan Columns recounting the Roman victory in Dacia region, we continue walking along the Imperial Forum, admiring the Augustus Forum, Tito's Arch, Settimio Severo's Arch, Ulpia'a Basilica, Caesar's Forum and Massenzio's Basilica therefore we come to the magnificent Coliseum, the Flavius Amphitheatre. Once it was completely covered by white marble, surrounded by columns and statues and it was covered by a huge velario (a tent) protecting the public attending the gladiators show from the sun.
In the central platform covered by sand, the sad exhibition of the gladiators fighting to survive against the lions, all around terraces for the common people, the balcony for the Emperor and the Senators...all for the delight of the spectators.


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Tour includes: transportation by private vehicle, authorized local English speaking guide, entrance fees with reservation to avoid queue to Coliseum and Imperial Forum. Trajan Market is external.


Images: the Coliseum and a panoramic view of the Trajan Forum from Via del Fori Imperiali road.