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Capitoline Museums

The first public museum of the history
length 3hrs approx  Available: everyday am/pm except on Monday and Bank Holiday

On request it can be operated also as a walking tour (without Bus)

Capitoline Museums are the most ancient public museum of the world, located on top of the Capitol Hill. Its collection started with the first donation by Pope Sisto IV on 1471, of four bronze sculptures: La Lupa (the Wolf, famous symbol of Rome) Lo Spinario, Il Camillo and the bronze head of Constantine the Emperor, the hand of Constantine and the bronze Globe. This sculpture was preserved, before the donation, at the Lateran Patriarchio and was one of the symbols of the continuous partnership between the Emperor of Rome and the Church.


The donation is nowadays reminded with the long incision at the entrance of the Museums that have been recently re-opened after a careful redecoration work.

Conservatori Palace, New Palace, Tabularium (today a magnificent terrace on the Roman Forum Valley, it was an archive before the Middle age) and Clementino Caffarelli Palace are all parts of the same Museum overlooking on the famous Capitol Square designed by Michelangelo.

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicle, authorized local English speaking guide, reservation and entrance fees to Capitoline Museums.


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