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Borghese Gallery & the Gardens

The perfect balance between art and nature
length approx 3hrs Available: everyday am/pm - except on Monday when the Gallery is closed

The park of Villa Borghese spreads on a large area in the very heart of the city centre embraced by the Aurelian Walls between Porta Pinciana and Flaminio Square. In its large spaces the Villa includes buildings, sculptures, monuments and fountains by notable artists of the baroque and neo-classic arts. Everything is surrounded by age-old trees, lakes, Italian gardens and huge free spaces. It's the perfect balance between art and nature that has been, since the origin of the Villa, the main element. The passage from private Villa to public garden has deeply changed the relation between the city and the garden, fortunately without damaging the original beauty.


Described by the tour guides of all the times, painted by famous artists, inspirer of noted musics and intense pages of literature, nowadays Villa Borghese appears to our eyes in all its splendour.

The Pincio promenade, between Piazza del Popolo and Muro Torto (the ancient walls) enters the Park surrounded by magnolia flowers. A promenade that was since the Roman times, dedicated to the relax and health of the inhabitants.

The Gallery inside the Park houses one of the most beautiful art collections in the world: among the masterpieces we find the famous statue of Paolina Borghese by Canova, “Amor sacro e Amor profano” (Sacred and profane love) and “Venere che benda Amore” (Venus blindfolding Cupid) by Titian. The “Deposition” by Raphael and the splendid statues by Bernini, six among the best works by Caravaggio, “La caccia di Diana” (The Hunt of Diana) by Domenichino and other works by Perugin, Pinturicchio and Veronese. The original collection has been enriched and subsequently impoverished by Napoleon who moved some masterpieces to the Louvre Museum of Paris.

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicle, authorized local English speaking guide, reservation,  entrance fees and hear-phones to Borghese Gallery.

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Images: Temple of Asclepius at Borghese gardens, a detail of Bernini's masterpiece "Rape of Proserpina".