Conceptio in Itinere

Quirinale Palace

The Hill of Power that housed the Pope, Napoleon and the Royal Family
length 2,30hrs approx  Available: only Tue.-Wed. and Fri.-Sun. (except on National and religious holidays and during the month of August)

On request it can be operated as a walking tour (without Bus)

Since ancient times public and cult buildings have always been erected. Among these, during the IV century, the Temple of Quirino Divinity, that gave the name to the Hill, and the Temple to the Health Divinity (Dea Salute) where ancient Romans celebrated ceremonies for the well-being of the State. Unfortunately they have not survived to present, today Quirinale Palace has taken their place.


At the beginning of the 1800's, after the capture of Pope Pio VII and his deportation to France, the Quirinale Palace has been chosen as the Italian residence of Napoleon the Emperor during his visits to Rome. Fifteen years later the Pope gains possession of the Palace once again and intends to cancel every trace of Napoleon, deciding to bring some architectonic innovations like austere frescos in the Paolina Chapel and Dioscuri Fountain.

Since 1870 it has become the Residence of the Royal Family and now the Quirinale Palace is the Residence of the President of the Italian Republic. The original architecture of the building still stands while it hosts tapestries and furnishings from the beginning of the 18th century.

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicles, authorized local English speaking guide, entrance fees to Quirinale Palace for Itinerary nr. 2.

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Images: Household Cavalry outside the Palace and the Feast Saloon of Quirinale residence.