Conceptio in Itinere

Going back over Caravaggio

The Ruthless genius of the Realism, against the Baroque painting art
length approx 3hrs  Available: everyday am/pm

On request it can be operated also as a walking tour (without Bus)
Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio, is one of the major representatives of the Italian Realism front, born at the end of 1500 and operating in Rome, Naples and Sicily.

Our tour starts from San Luigi dei Francesi church which marked the real debut of Caravaggio among the greatest artists of his epoque. Inside the church, we will find masterpieces such as La Vocazione di San Matteo (the Calling), Il Martirio di San Matteo (St Mathew's Martyrdom) and San Matteo e l'Angelo ( St Mathew and the Angel). We will walk along the streets around the church, Via della Scofa, Via di Fiammetta and Via della Pallacorda where Caravaggio was used to entertain himself gambling at the tabernas and with the courtesans living in these streets. Short stop in front of Caravaggio house in Vicolo del Divino Amore where our guide will reveal interesting anecdotes about the artist.

The visit continues around Navona Square discovering the masterpiece Madonna dei Pellegrini inside St. Augustin's Church. Our tour ends with the visit of St. Maria del Popolo Church at the end of Via Ripetta and Via del Corso, that preserves two important paints inside the Cerasi Chapel; Conversione di San Paolo (Conversion of St. Paul) and Crocifissione di San Pietro (Crucifixion of St. Peter)

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicle, authorized local English speaking guide..


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Images: Madonna dei Pellegrini (St Augustine Church) and Martirio di San Matteo (St Luigi dei Francesi Church)