Conceptio in Itinere

Angels and Demons

Following the “Illuminated” of Dan Brown’s best-seller
length 3 hours approx  Available: everyday am/pm - except on Monday, 25th Dec and 01st Jan.

"Science tells me God must exist. My mind tells me I will never understand God. And my heart tells me I am not meant to." (D.Brown from Angels & Demons)

In the Vatican City the Swish Guards are busy seeking the four cardinals to be nominated as the future Pope: the Pope suddenly died a few weeks earlier and in this day the first reunion, Conclave, is going to take place to elect the new Head of the Vatican City. But, few hours before the beginning of the reunion, the four most probable successors are missing. In the meantime a hidden video-camera inside the Vatican shows a strange device connected to a countdown. It’s the “anti-matter” that might cause a terrible explosion destroying the Vatican and the entire city of Rome. The kidnap will be claimed by the Illuminati (the Illuminated) menacing to kill each of the four cardinals in one of the churches of the Illuminated Way, their path to initiation that enables them to take part in the Sect., hidden among the Roman monuments.


Robert Langdon, professor of symbolism at Harvard University, together with Vittoria Vetra daughter of a scientist at CERN in Geneva, will start the research decrypting an old text by Galileo Galilei and interpreting some of Bernini’s masterpieces.

Of course we will join them, touching Santa Maria del Popolo Church, St Peter’s Square, Santa Maria della Vittoria Church admiring St Teresa’s Ecstasy, the Pantheon, Navona Square, St Angel's Castle and the mysterious Passetto (exterior) the secret Papal passage connecting St Angel Castle to His rooms at the Vatican.

Tour includes: transportation by private vehicle, authorized local English speaking guide, entrance fees to St. Angel’s Castle

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Image:  fountain in St Peter's square.