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The Ulisse Riviera

The Ulisse Riviera; Terracina & Sperlonga villages
length 12hrs approx  Available everyday, suggested from April to the end of September during the nice season. Lunch included

Departure from Rome, early in the morning, with assistance and of course our private coach. Along the Pontina motorway that skirts the seaside from Rome to Latina, we come to Terracina.
Terracina is an ancient village that at the Roman time was an important harbour known with the name of Anxur. During the barbaric invasions on V century, Terracina raised the city Walls all around, the same walls that still protect the historic centre nowadays. Along the centuries Terracina saved a lot of works of art, harmonizing buildings of different ages to the present inhabitants' needs.


The Municipal Square is amazing, with its paving stone and the Cathedral, an ancient building acquired from a temple dedicated to Rome or to Augustus the Emperor. The Capitol Temple is dated I century b.C. and was brought to light during an excavation after the II World War. One of the highlights of Terracina, a part of its well preserved historic centre, is the Jupiter Temple (Tempio di Giove Anxur) dominating the hill of Terracina and overlooking the sea and the Pontine Islands. We stop for lunch in one of the restaurants of Terracina to enjoy the local fish specialities.
Only 20kms south from Terracina we come to another fisherman's village of antique origins, Sperlonga.

The two Rivieras are separated by the suggestive Truglia Tower dividing the east coast – extended to Tiberio Grotto – from the west coast representing the lower part of Sperlonga. The village is perched on Monte San Magno rock and was discovered by the Romans since they used to build here their most luxury villas and residences. Tiberio the Emperor built here his magnificent Villa – the ruins are nowadays visible – including also a large grotto where they used to collocate precious marble works of art, to celebrate Ulisse's deeds. The numerous natural grottos, in old Latin language 'speluncae' , bestowed the name of Sperlonga to this village. During the barbaric invasions and the continuous attacks by the pirates of Tyrrhenian Sea, all villas have been destroyed and also the small city centre was razed to the ground by the Turkish pirate Kaireddin Barbarossa. Many years later Sperlonga assumed the actual face with all white houses, small churches and elegant residences. Time at disposal to discover the numerous cafés and handicraft shops before returning to Rome. On request we can arrange Dinner on the way back to Rome !

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicle and English speaking assistant all the day, authorized local English speaking guide for visit, 3 courses lunch without drinks. Optional dinner.


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Images: the white houses of Sperlonga and the village view by the beach.