Conceptio in Itinere

Roman Castles

The Hills & Lakes around Rome discovering the summer Papal residence and.. the wine production
length 4hrs approx with Wine tasting. Available: everyday am/pm

Leaving Rome we follow the Appian Way and, ascending the Lake Route, we reach Castle Gandolfo that's the major in the Lake District and summer residence of the Popes. The Palace was built by order of Gandolfi Dukes on XII century. The panorama overlooking the lake is really impressive.
After that, continuing our trip, we come to Ariccia a small village with ancient Latin origin, for sure you will love its bridge and the characteristic square.


One of the most impressive spots on the Albani Hills is Nemi, a little village built on a rock on Nemi Lake. Its name comes from Nemus Dianae since on its banks there was the Temple dedicated to Diana, the ancient divinity of chase. It was redecorated under Caligola the Emperor that ordered also the construction of two boats used to celebrate religious ceremonies. These boats have been discovered during 30's and unfortunately lost again during the destruction on 1944. Nowadays many stories wrap around the legend of these boats.
Last stop before returning to Rome is Frascati, famous for the wine production all around Italy.

Right here we will make a stop for a wine tasting – in one of the estates of Frascati where we can relax and enjoy the green spaces and the beauty of nature, admire the vineyards and taste the local production .. and for our delight, we can enjoy some Italian snacks combined with a couple of Frascati wine cups. Return to Rome.

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicle, authorized local English speaking tour leader (no entrance fees foreseen) Wine tasting and snacks. 
(Suggestion: as optional, grappa - the white spirit distilled from grapes - or wine tasting with snacks at Palazzo Pagnanelli in Castel Gandolfo, starting from euro 27,00 per person)


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