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Rome's seaside & Ancient Ostia

The Mediterranean Sea narrates an ancient history.. 
length 4hrs approx  Available: everyday am/pm except on Monday

The tour will leave Rome via St. Paul's Gate highway. In about 40 minutes we reach the Mediterranean seaside to visit the excavations of Ancient Ostia, the former harbour of Rome founded during the VI century b.C and also the beach of Rome city.


As the power of Rome became greater, Ostia became more and more important mainly as a Navy base but also as the 'Emporium of Rome' and as a passage-way for important representatives of the cultural and political life of that period. The decline of Ostia came together with the financial and political crisis of the Roman Empire when the few persons who were living there evacuate the city. Ostia is nowadays just like it was in the past; in its shape you can perfectly read how was living in the Roman age.

Ostia excavations, started at the beginning of 19th century, make an inevitable comparison with Rome, not as far as the architectonic value is concerned but as an overall vision of how life and structure of the cities were organized in the Roman world. This suggestive visit magically leads us into this ancient world with the visit of the two main streets, the ancient Necropolis, Piazzale della Vittoria, Neptune thermal baths with wonderful mosaics, the firemen headquarters, the Theatre built by Agrippa, Diana’s house, the Forum, (which represented the city centre, with the Capitolum, the Temple of Rome and Augustus), the Basilica and the Round Temple.

Tour includes: transportation with private vehicle, authorized local English speaking guide, reservation and entrance fees to Ostia excavations.


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