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Medieval cloisters

Secret places of the Faith
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(it's advisable to wear suitable clothing when visiting places where liturgical celebrations might be in course)

The cloister, from the Latin claustrum – meaning 'closed place' – is a large quadrangular courtyard, surrounded by arcades, situated within a monastery. Developed in the early Middle Ages for essential practical purposes, since it had to connect the various rooms of the monastery complex, it derives in style from the peristyle of the Roman houses.




The cloister of St Johns Lateran Basilica, in addition to being one of the most beautiful, is the largest in Rome, an undisputed masterpiece by Roman marble workers. The rich repertoire of ornamental motifs shows the most varied influences: from the medieval bestiaries to the classical sourced and Egyptian traditions.

Basilica of Santi Quattro Coronati on Coelian Hill is a complex, preceded by the oldest bell tower in Rome, is dedicated to four Dalmatian sculptors who allegedly refused to carve the statues of pagan deities, and were thus martyred by the Emperor Diocletian. The atmospheric cloister is the smallest in Rome and characterized by an extremely sober style which has a certain charm.
Going toward Circus Maximum we find the Basilica of Santa Sabina. The Pope Honorius III decided to donate the Church and connected buildings to the Saint Dominic and his brothers in 1222. They were then greatly modified to be adapted to the needs of the monastic life.

The cloister of San Paolo fuori le Mura Basilica (St Paul outside the Walls), miraculously spared by the terrible fire that almost totally destroyed the Church in 1823, compared to the cloister of St John Lateran is less homogeneous, because of the fact that three sides were built around 1210 and the fourth was completed approx 15 years later. This last side attributed to a member of the Vasselletto family, shows a great decorative richness and influences of the medieval, classic, Byzantine, and even Etruscan traditions.


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