Conceptio in Itinere

Walking City Tour; Monumental Florence

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance art
length 3hrs approx Available: everyday am/pm

Florentine art collections

Uffizi Gallery or Academy of Fine Arts Museum
length 3 hours approx Available: everyday am/pm  except on Monday

Montalcino, Pienza & San Quirico D'Orcia

Val D'Orcia valley, land of labour, dream, art and charm
length 12hrs approx Lunch included Available: everyday

The territory of Montalcino is celebrated for the presence of the San Giovese which produce the world class Rosso di Montalcino and St Antimo Doc wines.
The walls of the town have been erected in the XIII century .
The Fortress was built on the highest point of the town with a pentagonal structure, designed by two architects from Siena, embracing also the San Giovanni Tower and an ancient Basilica, now chapel of the Castle. Near the fortress, there's the St Augustine Church with its simple Romanesque style. We will also visit the main square of Montalcino; the Piazza del Popolo and the Municipal Palace adorned with the coat of arms of the family who ruled in this town. Part of the same Palace is the very high medieval tower. While rich in artistic treasures, Montalcino is famous above all for the production of the world-award-winning wine, the Brunello di Montalcino wine.


Pienza is probably the main and the most famous centre of the Val D'Orcia valley. The largest part of the historic and artistic heritage of Pienza is concentrated in the picturesque small square dedicated to Pope Pio II, a great personality who gave much to this town.
The Duomo,
Cathedral of St Assunta, with its renaissance art, is immediately visible. In front of it stands the Municipal Palace and the next-door Borgia Palace and Piccolomini Palace. We won't miss the chance to taste a typical delicious lunch in one of the rural restaurants of Pienza, with a selection of 4 Tuscan dishes.

Within a short drive we'll be soon in
San Quirico D'Orcia. The Archbishop of Canterbury, who called it S.ce Quiric, said that no one is immune to its charm. The beautiful landscape to reach the village is enchanting and unfailingly attractive with its soft hills, the cypresses,  like sentinels from another age bordering isolated medieval residences and solitary paths, vineyards and age-old olive groves. San Quirico D'Orcia is a village so full of history, art and mysterious charm, that it has been embraced into the World Heritage of UNESCO. After our trip to this picturesque Valley we will return to Florence with our memories full of these unique colours and flavours.


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Tour includes: transportation by private motor-coach, authorized English speaking assistant all the day, authorized local English speaking guide (no entrance fees foreseen), lunch without drinks.