Conceptio in Itinere

Walking City Tour; Monumental Florence

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance art
length 3hrs approx Available: everyday am/pm

Florentine art collections

Uffizi Gallery or Academy of Fine Arts Museum
length 3 hours approx Available: everyday am/pm  except on Monday

Florentine school of Culinary Art

Prove your cookery ability !

length 3hrs approx Lunch included Available: Monday - Saturday am/pm


This was the first cooking school both for professionals and for amateurs in Italy. Since then, other schools have opened all over Italy. Among these, the prestigious venue of Florence, established in 1985. It’s located right in the heart of the city, only few minutes walking from the Cathedral.

Here, we will prove our cookery ability.  So... just try !

We will cook a complete 4 courses menu, the Italian symbols on the table.. Pasta ! Of course.. it's hand made. Meat dishes and an Italian dessert.

After that, lets enjoy our master-works in a very familiar atmosphere with a good wine selection.

Independent return to the hotel after lunch.


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Put yourself out to do a good home made dish of Pasta and an Italian dessert ! ... just try...