Conceptio in Itinere

Walking City Tour; Monumental Florence

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance art
length 3hrs approx Available: everyday am/pm

Florentine art collections

Uffizi Gallery or Academy of Fine Arts Museum
length 3 hours approx Available: everyday am/pm  except on Monday

Leather School, Medici Chapels & St Lorenzo market

Florentine age-old traditions 
length 3hrs Available: only morning Tuesday - Friday (for max 20 participants) 


The Florentine school of leather has been created thanks to the effort of the Franciscan friars and one of the main artisans family in town, after the Second World War, in order to give, to the orphans of the war, a means to learn a practical trade with which to earn a living. The location is very special... the Monastery of Santa Croce. The school boasts of a world wide reputation and in its long life welcomed important personalities like the Royal Families of England, Sen. and Mrs Ted Kennedy, former US President Ronald Regan and former First Ladies Nancy Regan and Barbara Bush.  Today, our technical visit begins with an introduction to the School and to the materials used in creating leather products.  You will be escorted by an internal assistant showing you the leathers and the precious tools. The Master Craftsman will explain you how to cut, assemble and finish a handsome book cover.

The visit continues to the Medici Chapel, inside St Lorenzo Church. Built as an extension to Brunelleschi’s 15th century church, these chapels had the purpose of celebrating the Medici family, patrons of the church and Grand Duke of Tuscany and they are nowadays world-known for hosting Giuliano & Lorenzo De’ Medici tombs. The New Sacristy has been designed by Michelangelo, the other chapel is a real masterpiece of precious marbles and stones.

Our visit ends at the nearby San Lorenzo Market that’s the oldest in Florence. In this area which goes from San Lorenzo square and all around the same name Church, the largest sale of leather items takes place. You can also find clothes, waistbands and wallet, together with the wide choice of gadgets and souvenirs. Around the square you can see the ancient vinai (vintners) and the old trucks of tripe sellers. In the nearby there are many Osterie offering delicious Florentine meals with good price and sometimes you can also find street artists and poem readers in the evening.


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Tour includes: our English speaking guide at disposal for the entire duration of the tour, internal School guide for technical explications, entrance fee with reservation to Medici Chapels.


Images: The special location of the School, inside the Monastery of Santa Croce, and one of the statues by Michelangelo inside Medici Chapels